Practice Areas

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Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial law are the main practice areas of Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group. We provide legal advice across all areas of Corporate and Commercial matters to support the growth and development of your business.

Legal Drafting

Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group has an extensive experience of drafting legal documents, including the specific provisions for various pieces of legislation; for example, SNLG managing partner Ekaterine Shanidze participated in drafting amendments to the „Labor Code of Georgia” in 2013.

Special Trading Company

If you are planning to re-export the goods or perform operations of purchasing goods in the custom`s warehouse and/or deliver the goods, in order to be exempt them from the profit tax, you may establish an legal entity…


Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group has a long history of providing the professional legal assistance to the major companies within the transport industry, including the railway, motor carriers, public transport and intercity transportation.

Licenses and Permits

The first step to launch the business in Georgia is the registration of enterprise. With this registration the owner obtains protection necessary to proceed within the legal system. Nevertheless, according to Georgian Legislation there are still some activities requiring a license/permit, and such activities can only be carried out from the moment of obtaining such license / permit.

Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance is the heart of every economy and it is one of the core practice areas of SNLG. Offering extensive experience and deep sector-specific approach, our team works with full range of innovative and complex cross-border transactions on domestic and international platform.

Enforcement Law

Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group not only provides you with the service to represent in Georgian Courts, we will also be protecting your interests in National Bureau of Enforcement of Georgia in order to enforce the decisions made in your favor.

Intellectual Property

SNLG is dedicated to protecting its clients’ intellectual property rights, which include patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs etc. Since intellectual property rights are vital to our clients’ businesses, we are aspired to provide them with the most effective legal solutions to safeguard their interests domestically and abroad.



Education Law

Labor Law